Report Sculptor Foundation *** New Version 1.00 released
Free Reporting Framework for VFP9
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Report Sculptor is OOP Reporting Framework, complement and extension to standard FoxPro reporting, which focuses on providing alternative ways of designing reports with VFP9. Major goal of this project is Fully OOP Reporting,  CrossFormat, Open, Extensible and Free of all known constrains.
- Built around Independent Report Engine (Pure VFP Object)

- Alows Free Report composition using various report content sources
Report from everywhere and export anywhere. See Scheme -->

- Replicates native FoxPro controls on RS report surface

- Venture into True OOP reporting using standard VFP forms and Form controls!   You get full control over every aspect of report creation.  Stage and control your own dataflow, bands, report paging, keeping grouped content together, report totaling - Almost everything. 

- 'Write-as-you-go' Report Scripting

- Use existing FRX reports and combine them with 
other report content sources (FRX Interpreter)

- WYSIWYG Free Page Designs (Absolute Positioning)

- RS Live Preview Surface (Drill Downs, Hyperlinks etc)

- Replicate external files into your report. Use Excel sheet as a page layout template or direct source of reporting figures.

- Venture into Text Programming with
RS Smart Text.
Report from Plain Text file enriched with script and simple HTML tags. This means that you can
now build long and complex text documents.
Include FRX within running text and/or add graphics elements via OOP script embeded in text. Again you have full control. 

- Expose RS Report composition
RS Live Preview/Print, or via standard VFP9 Preview Print or to XFRX Preview/Print (with export to all file formats supported by XFRX). 

- Free Export to various File Formats (PDF*,TIF,XFF**)
*    Fast PDF export using O.S. library (Haru DLL by Takeshi Kanno, Wrapper class by DorinV).  No printer driver is required for producing PDFs.
**  XFRX intermediate format convertible to all other file formats supported by XFRX commercial tool. (For XFRX licence owners)

***RS Native Report Preview featuring Navigation tree, Search, FollowUp Ruler etc (Still under development).

- Easy to use and easy to deploy. Drop RsFolder on the server along with your own application, include couple of functions and libraries into your project and then simply call RS App. from the top of your main prg.
Customize both rsEngine class and RS Preview/Print to better suit your needs.

See below picture of ReportSculptor demo report  sent directly to VFP9 native Preview/Print;

If you want to be able to do these kind of complex multipart reports easily in pure Fox, then stay here little bit longer...

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...Get used to Reporting Power!

Enjoy using Report Sculptor :)

Djordjevic Srdjan
RS Founding Author
Limassol, Cyprus
Email: Admin(at)
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