Before anybody else, I want to thank GDI+ black belt fighter Cesar Chalom, for his generosity in sharing knowledge 
and teaching me all major steps and moves in fighting GDIPlusX.  If there was not for him shedding the light, I would
have never gotten on this road. Special thanks goes as well to all authors of VFPx/GdiPlusX project.

I also want to thank Dorin Vasilescu for letting me use his wrapper class for Open Source Haru PDF library (Original DLL by Takeshi Kanno)
and this way providing fast PDF support from within RS. I hereby invite FoxPro community to visit and help his project to be continued.
Original project can be downloaded here 

I want to thank UT Forum, and all my felow UT members for helping me directly or indirectly solve practical problems
and gather research for this project.  

Last but not least, I want to thank my colleague and long time friend Milan Tatomirov an ultimate IT Commando, 
for putting up this website in a matter of days, and helping me keep it up all this time.    

And of course, my thanks to all of you who downloaded RS, invested your time and attention in it, and sent me
your valuable feedback. I count on your support to further improve and expand this project.

Enjoy using Report Sculptor :)