November 15th, 2012

Long awaited Report Sculptor Version 1.00 is published here in downloads

Thank you for your support and continued interest in Report Sculptor



September 14th, 2012

Pilot version of Report Sculptor Version 1.00 is to be posted here in downloads soon.

Instead of sending files to people who wanted to test it via email, I will post 
last compiled version as download here for testing purposes.
Version includes advanced features such are drill down support, hyperlinks etc.

Once version is final it will be all published as open source. 

I apologize for big delay in delivering this last version.





April 8th, 2010

Back to Report Sculptor Laughing
I am sure that by now many of you started worrying about RS becoming yet another 'abandonware'.
I hereby want to assure you; This is NOT going to happen with this baby!

After big pause caused by period of extremely intense occupancy with other important work,
I am finally able to resume development of Report Sculptor. Immediate plans are to release
final free version 1.00, as promissed some time ago.  This version will bring more improvements to
RS Live Preview, and few important improvements at RS Engine level. 

My hope is for this to happen by the end of June, but I cannot set any firm release dates yet.
For those of you who are enthusiastic about seeing next version of RS, You can rest assured it is comming!  Cool

Thank you for your support and continued interest in Report Sculptor

* * *

November 14th, 2009

Report Sculptor at German FoxPro DevCon

This year again, Report Scultptor was presented at German FoxPro Devcon in Frankfurt.
Presentation was done by Kirsten Hinrichs, and it was very well received by German
Thank You Kirsten for doing great presentation :)

* * *


September 10th, 2009

Spam on Report Sculptor Forum

Dear All
Lately, RS support forum has been again under attack from spammers.

Therefore I need little bit of your cooperation in order to
handle this mennace.

If you wish to become new member of ReportSculptor forum, please
complete login procedure as website instructs you, and then send me also
one short personal email, confirming that you are actully FoxPro developer.
It is at this point only way to prevent introoders who
use website for illegal advertising via spam messages.

This applieas only for creation of new accounts. Current forum members does not need
to do anything.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you in advance.


* * *

Jully 7th, 2009

Your feedback counts!

Lately, I started receiving number of your emails with some very good feedback.
Therefore, I want to thank all of you who started using RS already,
and were kind enough to send me feedback, point to errors, bugs etc.

As result of all this, there will be very soon one 'hotfix' released, which
resolves number of bugs discovered and resolved so far. Most important bugfix
is for problem using FRX with default datasession (when data already open by form).

There are numerous other improvements and bug-fixes that will be included in tis hotfix,
coupled by few more new samples and help topics, so check it out when it appear in a few weeks time. 
It will be worthed downloading.

I hereby want to encourage all of you, who has some extra time
on your hands, to put RS on a hard test in your own (exe) environment and report
your findings via email.
It will be of great help in further maturing this code.

Thank you in advance.

June 2nd, 2009

Report Sculptor at this year FoxPro Devcon
(Prague, June 23 - June 25, 2009)

Dear All
I hereby invite you to visit ReportSculptor session  at this year FoxPro DevCon in Prague.
Session is planned as sort of practical/interactive workshop, where next to learning about new
reporting concepts and possibilities, you will also have chance to try some of it 
yourself with direct help and guidance from author.

Therefore bring down your laptops, your source code (if applicable) , your open mind
and let's have some code-fun with ReportSculptor Smile

More details about this year conference, can be found here;

Timing of session is not yet defined, so check conference website
in next week or so to obtain latest info.    

See you there Laughing






April 28th 2009

0.95 Version published today


- RS Live Preview facility featuring report search, navigation, zooming, follow up ruler etc.
- Improved RS Documentation  (Extract Developer's Guide from form #10)
- Improved PDF rendering (support for underline/strike through)
- Improved FRX Interpreter
- Improved RS Smart Text interpreter
- Improved overal speed
- Improved Gdi+x class
- More Sample Forms / Code
- Other improvements

Final version of RS Foundation project is schedulled for late summer 2009

Thank you for your interest and support.
Enjoy using ReportSculptor Smile



April 10th 2009

0.95 Version delay

Earlier announced release of version 0.95 has been postponed due to personal commitments. 
Version is almost completed, but my responsabilities did not leave me enough time to round it up in the
way I wanted. So please be patient. I hope to publish in a couple of weeks from now

Thank you for your patience 

February 4th, 2009


Upcoming new version 0.95

New version of ReportSculptor - 0.95 Beta Build, is to be published by end of march 2009.
It will include almost 100% of functionality initially planned to be included in RS Foundation Project

Major new functionality added to this new version will be greatly improved RS Report Preview Form
with zooming, navigation tree, hyperlinks, email support etc.  This Preview Form will be open for you
to customize and suit to your own design and application style. 

Next to this, there are various other improvements such are support for
most of standard page sizes, better support for OOP reporting using form controls etc. 

For those of you who might be concearned about longevity of the RS project and the website;
Report Sculptor website is now hosted by better hosting provider, while website itself will be subject to 
more improvements.  Hosting is now prepaid for next 2 years (expires february 2011), and if provider turns up to be ok,
around the same time next year, hosting will be prepaid for even longer period in advance. 

So rest assured, Report Sculptor is here to stay :)   

I am also preparing series of blog entries hosted at Foxite which will be coupled by short video clips
which will help you get on with Report Sculptor much easier.

Stay tuned :)

November 29, 2008

Report Sculptor is getting more attention. 

At first, Report Sculptor has been successfully presented at
15th Microsoft Visual FoxPro Developer Conference 2008 held in Frankfurth, Germany
mid this month.  Presentation was done by Kirsten Hinrichs, and it was very well received by German
audience. Thank You Kirsten for doing great presentation :) 

Next to this great event, these days MVP Jurij Shutenko posted links at Russian FoxPro forums, and will be soon posting
localised version of ReportSculptorDemo project along with an article in Russian FoxPro magazine.
Thank You Jurij, for bringing Report Sculptor closer to large Russian Foxro Community.

I am personally looking into possibility to make this site to be fully multilingual.
I hereby want to invite interested enthusiasts from all over the world, who would be kind enough to undertake translation
of these pages into their own native languages.  

Who ever is interested in participating, can send me an email and this way help Report Sculptor
learn your own language.

Thank You All
And in all languages :)

October 14th

* * * New Version Release * * *
Report Sculptor Version 0.90 Beta brings significant improvements.

Enjoy using new version of ReportSculptor

September 2nd 2008

After my summer break, I am back on Report Sculptor project.  
Immediate short term plans are to deliver simple excel replication as promised, and to simplify deployment of ReportSculptor 
in real applications.
There are few small improvements I had in mind in this respect, together with bugfixing and robusting main functionalities already delivered. I cannot undertake much more then this at this point in time. 
Therefore, check up downloads area here sometime in november, as this is my self-imposed 'deadline'
for this upgrade to be delivered.

After that I will try to prepare some training videos and elementary documentation which will help you
really take off with all this.

That is all for now :)

* * *



June 24th 2008

Report Sculptor will be presented at Foxpro Devcon 2008 in Prague which takes place 1st - 3rd of Jully next month.
Session with live presentation will take place on 2nd of jully at 8.30 am.

See You there :)

* * *

June 3rd 2008

First Beta Version (V 0.85) of Report Sculptor Foundation has been released !

There are two downloads for this release;

A) Demo Project with various samples of ReportSculptor functionalities (4.5 MB)
B) ReportSculptor application only.  (100K)

Reason being is that; Demo project is bigger download which is not to be upgraded so often,
while ReportSculptor.App which is core engine will be further debugged according to users feedback.

Enjoy exploring new reporting possibilities with Report Sculptor :)

* * *

May 7th 2008

About first release of Report Sculptor 
(Part 1 - Report Sculptor Foundation) 

I tried to speed up development as much as I could, but first, pilot version of Report Sculptor  will be most probably launched in about 5-6 weeks from now.  I expect to publish download here in run up for Prag Devcon this year.  I will be there with Report Sculptor presenting it for all of you who are interested in exploring alternative reporting possibilities with VFP9.

See You There Smile